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MedTech Industry in the region - outlook    
Harjit Gill (CEO) 

German-Singaporean MedTech Days: Innovation in Healthcare – Going to Market” Part 1
A mini-conference organized by SGC - #PartnerForSuccess

German-Singaporean MedTech Days: Innovation in Healthcare – Going to Market” Part 2
A mini-conference organized by SGC - #PartnerForSuccess

Wolfgang Müller-Wittig, Director of Fraunhofer Singapore

Expertise And Basics Of Electrosurgery

Fritz Maier (Managing Director), Erbe Singapore

Understanding the fundamentals behind Electrosurgery and what the resulting tissue effect from the various energy platforms.

As innovative health services extend out of health institutions into communities, how do we innovate while creating trust in such services. 

Moderation: Dr. Andreas Hauser, Director Digital Services, TÜV SÜD

  • Pang Boon Chuan, ToStart Pte Ltd, (Home Care Platform Provider)
  • Dr. Tan Jin Seng,  Lotus Elder Care, (Home Care Service Provider)
  • Miss loy YiJun, Physiotherapist (NUH)
  • Gamaliel Tan, Dy Group CMIO, National University Health System

Get the decisive advantage: The ability to gain reliable insights and make better products

Christy Joseph Konkara (Technical Sales Consultant), Volume Graphics

The Global Computed Tomography (CT) metrology market is at an exciting stage in its evolution, as it is moving, from the Metrology Labs of Fortune 500 companies to the Production Line. The CT machines hold an advantage over the traditional metrology equipment like Co-ordinate Measurement Machines (CMMs) or Optical Scanners, in that, it can inspect and measure objects with inaccessible or hidden features, with micrometre or even nanometre precision. In certain Additive Manufactured parts, CT becomes the only way to inspect and validate the parts. 
Join this session from the recognized Market and Technology leader for Industrial CT Software, Volume Graphics to learn more about how Industrial CT Data helps you to understand more about your parts and take faster, better decisions. Volume Graphics software covers all your requirements related to Metrology, Defect Detection and Assessment, Material properties, Fiber Composite Material Analysis or Micromechanics simulations. 

Test Requirements for Medical Devices

Ms Chua, Su Chen (Assistant Vice President, Product Service), TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific


Evonik's R&D Setup in the South East Asia region

Dr Ronny Sondjaja, Director Evonik Asia Research Hub

Concept of Evonik's R&D Hub with focus research topics and Evonik's project house Tissue Engineering in Singapore

Container & Device Testing with focus on Syringes and Autoinjectors

Ms Connie Wong (Country Support Manager Singapore & Malaysia), ZwickRoell

Get to know ZwickRoell and explore the variety of intelligent testing solutions for medical industry. In a combination of hands-on workshop showcasing testing solutions to ISO 11040-4 and customer experiences on testing of autoinjectors. ZwickRoell offers automated autoinjector tests such as removal force of the safety cap, activation force and displacement of the autoinjector, or injector timing. The interchangeable test fixtures for testing of syringes and cartriges are ideal for various syringe types and ensure that the testing of prefilled syringes is standardized.

Expertise and basics of electrosurgery (ErBe)