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Offical Opening in the German Centre Lobby.

German-Singaporean MedTech Days: Innovation in Healthcare – Going to Market” Part 1

10.30 – 10.40am 
Welcome and Opening remarks - Margit Kunz, Deputy General Manager SGC

10.40 – 11.20am
Emerging trends in healthcare services - Anbu Srinivasan, Managing Director, Fresenius Medical Care Singapore

The talk will focus on highlighting some of the key trends facing Healthcare service providers. Examples will be drawn from Fresenius Medical Care’s experience with managing Dialysis clinics across the region.

11.20am – 12.00pm 
Dialogue with Q&A - Moderated by Devagnana Manoranjan, Senior Principle Engineer Digital Service, TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific


German-Singaporean MedTech Days: Innovation in Healthcare – Going to Market” Part 2

1.00 – 1.05pm 
Welcome and Opening remarks by Margit Kunz, Deputy General Manager SGC

1.05 – 1.10pm
Introduction of PCI Pte Ltd - Dr CW Yap, Director for Advanced Engineering, PCI 

1.10 - 1.25pm
Navigating the Certification Process: A Telematics Story - Josielyn Villafranca-Mendoza, Manager Quality Assurance System, PCI

The certification process can be daunting for first timers.  Join us for this session of sharing of PCI Private Limited’s journey towards certifying the Telematics Platform 1 in preparation for launch to international market.  As an Electronics Manufacturing Services company, PCI provides end-to-end solution for your IoT devices from industrial design to market access.

1.25– 1.45pm 
A Journey to Quality - John Woo, Director of SG Endoscopy

1.45 -2.15pm 
Discussion and Q&A - Moderated by Devagnana Manoranjan, Senior Principle Engineer Digital Service, TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific

From the Visible Human to the Digital Twin: Current Status and the Road Ahead
Prof Dr. Ing Wolfgang Müller-Wittig, Director of Fraunhofer Singapore

A Fair with Messe Duesseldorf Asia
Rita Biswas, Director, Corporate PR & Promotions

An introduction to Messe Duesseldorf Asia's trade fairs in Southeast Asia covering a wide scope of industries including medical, healthcare, and work place safety and health.

Old and New Aspects of Electrosurgery by Erbe
Markus D. Enderle MD PhD. Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH
Vice President Research and Basic Technologies, Vice President Medical and Clinical Affairs

As innovative health services extend out of health institutions into communities, how do we innovate while creating trust in such services. 

Moderator: Steven Yeo, Founder and CEO Innovating Care Asia Pacific and Digital Health Consultant



  • Dr. Pang Boon Chuan,  ToStart Pte Ltd,  home care platform provider
  • Ms Eley Querner, Vice President, Digital Service, TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific
  • Mr. Goh Wee Hong, SVP-ASEAN, Product Service, TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific
  • Dr. Gamaliel Tan, Dy Group CMIO, National University Health System

Get the decisive advantage: The ability to gain reliable insights and make better products
Christy Joseph Konkara (Technical Sales Consultant), Volume Graphics

The Global Computed Tomography (CT) metrology market is at an exciting stage in its evolution, as it is moving, from the Metrology Labs of Fortune 500 companies to the Production Line. The CT machines hold an advantage over the traditional metrology equipment like Co-ordinate Measurement Machines (CMMs) or Optical Scanners, in that, it can inspect and measure objects with inaccessible or hidden features, with micrometre or even nanometre precision. In certain Additive Manufactured parts, CT becomes the only way to inspect and validate the parts. 
Join this session from the recognized Market and Technology leader for Industrial CT Software, Volume Graphics to learn more about how Industrial CT Data helps you to understand more about your parts and take faster, better decisions. Volume Graphics software covers all your requirements related to Metrology, Defect Detection and Assessment, Material properties, Fiber Composite Material Analysis or Micromechanics simulations. 

Medical Device AOI - Automated Optical Inspection Systems
Pratheep Kumar, MA micro automation

Get an overview of advanced AOI systems, productivity improvements, AOI Quality Inspection and measurement solutions for small precise parts. Meet the MA micro automation panel of experts and learn about the proven automation solutions from Germany & USA that have improved productivity, upskilled workers and reduced dependence on manual labour.

Evonik's R&D Setup in the South East Asia region
Dr Ronny Sondjaja, Director Evonik Asia Research Hub

Concept of Evonik's R&D Hub with focus research topics and Evonik's project house Tissue Engineering in Singapore

Accelerate trusted and safe medical innovation to market
Ms Chua, Su Chen (Assistant Vice President, Product Service), TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific


Wearable and Implantable m-Health IOT Device Design: THE FUTURE OF HEALTHCARE
Safal Sharma, Application Expert at CADFEM 

An amalgamated concept of the Internet of m-health Things (m-IoT) matches the functionalities of m-health and IoT for a new and innovative future. As the world population is aging and chronic diseases are on the rise, the healthcare industry is rapidly delivering high-tech solutions. The proliferation of advanced medical electronic devices and wearable electronics is greatly improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. 

Learn how CADFEM ANSYS Simulation solutions are helping organizations to develop safe, reliable and intelligent solutions for the medical industry. CADFEM, the leader in engineering simulation solution provider is helping manufacturing companies across the globe to attain greater innovation into their products at lower costs and in shorter timelines. CADFEM assists you with best-in-class software and hardware for all your simulation requirements.

Mr. Liang Choon Yeo, Deputy GM, CMI Central Midori International 

Understanding the challenges in making wearables and role of printed electronics in wearable technology.

Container & Device Testing with focus on Syringes and Autoinjectors
Ms Connie Wong (Medical Industry Specialist), ZwickRoell

Get to know ZwickRoell and explore the variety of intelligent testing solutions for medical industry. In a combination of hands-on workshop showcasing testing solutions to ISO 11040-4 and customer experiences on testing of autoinjectors. ZwickRoell offers automated autoinjector tests such as removal force of the safety cap, activation force and displacement of the autoinjector, or injector timing. The interchangeable test fixtures for testing of syringes and cartriges are ideal for various syringe types and ensure that the testing of prefilled syringes is standardized.

ZEISS Industrial Quality and Research in Medical Technology and Healthcare
Hendrie Viktor, Regional Director, Southeast Asia, ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions

Discover how metrology and microscopy technologies spur medical developments across the globe.

ZEISS microscopes visualize tiny structures in nano dimensions, while highly efficient metrology systems guarantee productivity and quality assurance in industry. Prominent scientists put their trust in ZEISS microscopes when conducting research. Robert Koch, who discovered the bacterium that causes tuberculosis in 1900, was just one of them. To this very day, researchers from all over the world use light, electron/ion and X-ray microscopes from ZEISS to make even the smallest structures and processes visible. 

Industrial Metrology at ZEISS boasts a tradition spanning almost 100 years.¬¬¬ Measuring technology and software solutions from ZEISS provide perfect results in many sectors of industry – in automobile and aircraft construction, for example, where precision, quality and efficiency are essential success factors. In this way the reliable, intuitive measuring technology ideally supports 
efficient quality inspection within the production area. In addition to extensive service offerings, innovative technologies such as 3D X-ray metrology round off the portfolio.

Nurse's Training: Expertise and basics of electrosurgery (ErBe)
Ganesh Lim Yangzhao, Manager - Marketing & Education

Dr. Paul Weingarten, Senior Consultant, Rödl & Partner

Implications of Digitization, Robotization and Cognition on Healthcare and Welfare
Prof. Dr. Matthias Haun, Managing Director, invenio Cognitive Technologies

Visitors will receive information about the development activity and capacity of invenio in the field of medical technology. They will also get the opportunity to discuss and exchange on the topic of digitization and cognition in healthcare and welfare.

Moderation: Mr Yann Grynberg, Programme Director Smart & Sustainable Building Technologies at Energy Research Institute, NUS

How to keep Lab safe while optimising the energy consumption, that is the challenge we will discuss.

Short presentations and discussion

Vincent Meyer, Business Lead Life Science APAC, Siemens,
Syam Kumar Prabhakaran, Senior Associate Director, Office of Facilities Managemen, NUS
David Zsolt, Associate Director - Building Services, Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner (S.E.Asia)

This panel is organized by the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS)

Chris Hardesty, Director, KPMG Singapore Life Sciences